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Very Few Kitchens In Anoka Are Built
Or Equipped To Handle The Requirements
Of Modern Living.

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The Modern Kitchen Is The Activity Centre Of The House
And Not Just A Place To Prepare Meals.

Even recently constructed houses suffer from the shortcomings of not being able to keep up with a modern family. As a matter of fact, unless your kitchen in Anoka was custom built, it is very likely a product of antiquated thinking from the 1940’s dubbed “the kitchen triangle” theory.

Obviously, this dated theory is of little help and does not do much good for today’s modern family home. In the 1940’s it was a viable and feasible way of managing a kitchen, but the average family has changed a lot since the 1940’s and with it, so too has the demands and needs placed on the kitchen. Lots of families are aware of what works for them and a lot of the times it isn’t anything that conforms to the traditional design roles of the kitchen triangle.

For example, we have quite a few clients that fall into, or soon will fall into, the more elderly age bracket. The kitchen in their home was designed and constructed along the lines of the kitchen triangle theory. Now, as they have grown older and their families have moved on, they realize that they needed a change in their kitchen to keep up with their current lifestyle.

In a recent Anoka-area kitchen remodel we did for a senior couple, we added seating conveniences in the food prep area, allowing them to sit comfortably while preparing their evening meals. This same seating area then doubles as an entertainment area when guests drop by for a visit.

As another example, a large number of our clients have kids and as kids are likely to do, they sometimes get in the way. To remove this problem, we placed the refrigerator in an easy-to-reach location away from the food prep area so that kids could serve themselves without having to bother the parents while dinner is being prepared.

In other cases we had families that are very social with guests and family dropping by all the time. We redesigned the kitchens to take advantage of these social interactions by incorporating two islands or one single large central island in the middle of the kitchen. We also added entertainment areas connected to the kitchen under the “great room” concept.

There is always the issue of “creature comforts.” According to Susan Serra, CKD, CAPS, of Cultivate your kitchen; including things like large screen TV’s or other media add-ons and soft furnishings tends to increase the viability of the room as an entertainment centre as well. Some families are huge food lovers and want a “commercial kitchen” in Anoka and surrounding areas, while others want wine racks. All of which was never considered when the theory of the kitchen triangle was conceived.

Here is an example of what we are talking about. Notice the location of the refrigerator as compared to the location of the sink and food prep areas. Then notice the grand room design with creature comforts.

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