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A Well-Designed Bathroom Remodel Near Anoka Has Style, Grace, And Takes A Lot Of Effort To Do Properly.

If you leave your Anoka-area bathroom remodel to an inexperience laborer, you’re asking for trouble, because the bathroom is a disaster just waiting to happen. Broken seals, leaking toilets, leaky faucets and broken sinks; these are all nightmares for any homeowner.

The bathroom is usually the most humid room in the house due to the constant presence of moisture in the atmosphere. That moisture and humidity are the proverbial “monsters in the closet,” just waiting to come out and bite you when you have a poorly done remodel.

A lot of homeowners aren’t too sure what to look for and are usually unaware that most of the remodeling is done “behind the walls.”

Take, for example, the large amount of ways you can make your bathroom walls waterproof. Bathroom walls are supposed to be waterproofed because they can lead to a lot of problems if they aren’t. Many bathroom remodelers near Anoka are under the misconception that a vapor barrier is a “catch-all” solution. It most definitely is not. Numerous methods exist for sealing a wall, but it takes a true professional to get the job done properly and with a minimum of risk for failure.

A poorly sealed bathroom will lead to water seepage, not just through the walls but into the floor as well, and all the floors below the shower. This type of leak can go one for a long time before you are even aware that it is a problem. Over any length of time, water damage compounds upon itself leading to massive damage that can cost thousands in both time and money to repair. Heaven forbid you have to tear everything out and start over.

Trust us, nothing is more expensive than to have to do a job twice. It’s better to pay a little more upfront and rest assured that your Anoka-area bathroom remodel has been done to perfection.

Another thing to consider is the aesthetic value of your bathroom; how good does it look? Will it be a master bath where you can escape to, or just an improvement to benefit your kids and guests? Detail and planning are integral parts to creating a bathroom, since the bathroom is usually one of more heavily trafficked rooms in a house. We assist in designing your bathroom to fit feel and function and suit your needs.

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