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There Are a Lot of Hidden Dangers…

Case in Point:

The Surgeon General’s office and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) estimates that up to 20,000 lung cancer deaths are a result of radon exposure, and the Surgeon General warns that radon causes the second highest incidence of lung cancer in the US.

Most inexperienced basement remodeling companies near Anoka, MN aren’t even aware (and neither are the homeowners) that radon can enter basements in cracks in walls, crawl spaces, sump pump opening gaps, and even cavities inside walls.

In addition, a lot of inexperienced remodelers are ignorant of the fact that faulty or non-existent gutters can be detrimental to a basement. Here is a story that truly illustrates my point:

“At one house gutters were removed because they were three stories up and always choked with leaves. Only four years later the foundation of the home had cracked and buckled more than four inches into the basement due to moisture buildup and frost heaving in the soil outside.”

Gutter removal was the direct cause to this structural failure, and the total cost of the repairs were many times in excess of what a maintenance-free gutter installation would have cost. This entire situation could have been avoided if only a professional inspection was done by a qualified contractor. Any professional home-remodeling contractor near Anoka will tell you that your gutters are essential to the well-being of your house.

Basement remodeling is usually a top-down approach, which means that there is little margin for error. Issues that may arise include:

  • Is there sufficient lay for plumbing
  • Is there a problem with humidity or moisture
  • Is there a problem with clearance/maneuverability
  • Is there a problem with mold

Bottom Line: Each Basement Remodel Is Unique.
High Quality Basement Remodeling Can Recover up to 60%.
Poor Quality Remodeling Can Cost Thousands.

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