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In the today’s uncertain real estate market it is often times far more cost effective to make an addition to your home than it is to try to get your home sold so you can buy a new one.

Remodeling Magazine has this to say:

  • The addition of a new master bedroom suite to one’s home recovers about 59% of its cost
  • The addition of a new bedroom within an unfinished attic can recover an astounding 73%
  • The addition of a new home office can easily recover over 43% of its cost

In Fact: Most People Usually Overlook A Garage Remodel…

It’s so simple, yet a large number of homeowners usually look past it. However, the fact of the matter is adding a garage is a cost-effective method of regaining usable space. The “Bump Out” or the “Over-The-Garage Addition” are two methods that people usually don’t know about when looking to remodel a garage near Anoka.

The bump-out addition to a garage can furnish the man of the house with his very own “man-cave”. This simple and inexpensive method of creating a room can be done in a matter of days, giving you ample storage space for all those extra items that you need to put away.

Not only can additions be made to the sides and backs of a garage, but also to the top as well. Many clients choose the option of an overhead addition when they consider adding a guest room or home office to their existing home.

Other Anoka remodeling contractors have the bad habit of “low-balling” prices, offering you the lowest price just so you sign a contract with them, then bumping up costs as the project advances. We pride ourselves in giving you the true cost of the project up front and guarantee the most accurate quotes on the market today.

We believe in giving the best value for your money and with that spirit in mind, we give you what you pay for. There will be no cutting corners and padding pockets here. We don’t want you to have to deal with structural issues further down the line. These can cost you double what you would have paid to do the job in the first place and might even call for a complete tear-down-and-rebuild.

We’re not concerned with the fact that other remodeling contractors near Anoka charge lower prices; we’re not about price, we’re about value for money. Whatever your home renovation needs, call us and let’s take your boring “old” house and turn it into a brand new Dream Home.

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