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While some remodeling contractors near Anoka try to cut the corners and pad their pockets, I believe in delivering the highest quality workmanship, materials, and hardware.


Case in Point:

Regardless if you’ve spent a small fortune on the best materials you can find, they will still fail and come up short if not installed with the proper hardware and attention to detail.

For example, let’s say you spent about $1,000 on a new set of high-efficiency windows. But, the person you hired to install them simply pulls out the old window, and plops in the new one with some shims and wood screws. This is what we call a “rip-and-stick” installation and it’s not a very professional, or ethical way to install windows; it is however very profitable.

Professional Anoka remodeling contractors know that the frame has to undergo a thorough inspection to determine if mold or rot is at play before a window installation procedure can be determined. The frame must be checked to see if it can take the new window properly or if resizing is necessary.

The final installation should be done using only the best quality screws that have been tested to industry standard for indoor/outdoor use to ensure maximum functionality and lifespan.

Insulation must then be installed around the frame. If cracks and poor seals prevent proper insulation then all the money you spent on those energy efficient windows means nothing.

Worse yet, in Minnesota weather, heavy moisture can get in rusting out those cheaper screws we were talking about resulting in a window that “literally” falls out of its frame at the slightest touch.

The above story is so typical in the world of home improvement contracting, and I despise it. Despise is a strong word, but my feeling is that once someone spends their money they should be entitled to their money’s worth. I was just brought up to think that way.

By understanding the needs and wants of my clients and might obsessive compulsive demand for precision, I have built Royale Construction to be a different kind of remodeling contractor near Anoka.

Quality, Precision, & Respect are the foundation blocks for our business.

You might wonder why? The simple reason is that you should never, ever, use price as the sole determining factor on whether you want to remodel your home.

Low prices sound great, until you consider that you’re probably getting what you pay for in low-quality materials and shoddy workmanship. Nothing hurts you or your pocket book like having to redo a job again after you finished it the first time.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have to be wary of people who OVERCHARGE you. Some remodeling contractors near Anoka do the job exactly the way you asked them for, but by the time the expenses list comes in you realize you might very well go into debt for a home improvement that you thought you could easily afford.

We are adamant: The price we quote is the FINAL price… GUARANTEED.

Bottom line: Prior to starting a project we are going to furnish you with pictures of work we’ve done before, details of our high-quality materials and the hardware we use on the installations. You will also get a copy of our Warranty and a list of clients that have dealt with us in the past who you can contact to get a better idea of what it is like to do business with Royale Crown.

The long and short of it is that Royale Crown Construction of Anoka can’t be matched for value or quality in home remodeling. We will do whatever it takes to make your remodeling dreams a reality, because we believe in quality service and the customer’s right to the absolute best value for their money.

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