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Frequently Asked Questions
About Windows

Question Index

Do You Sell Any Windows In The $189 Range?

No: Those windows are a pricing gimmick.

The exterior remodeling companies near Anoka that advertise the $189 window really don’t even sell it. They use it as a tactic to get people to call them and inquire about the window. These windows have little or no “Low-E” coatings, meaning that they have almost zero energy efficiency.

The prospect of selling a window like that isn’t simply unscrupulous, but is also illegal in a few states.

Once you call the companies using this pricing gimmick, they are quick to set up an appointment with you. At the appointment, they will use their strong-arm sales tactics to push you into buying a more expensive, but more efficient model of window.

We don’t play these pricing games, and our pricing is straightforward and honest.

How Long Does An Appointment Normally Take?

This majorly depends on you, since the time of the meeting varies depending on the amount of questions you have regarding your windows near Anoka. A ballpark estimate would be between forty-five minutes, to one hour. Most times, it doesn’t even last forty-five minutes; the most time consuming portion of the visit is measuring your windows.

Why Do You Talk About Window Installations So Much?

Windows have different qualities with the attached price tag as a good indication of their class. There is very high competition in the window manufacturing industry and the leaders of the industry do a good job in making sure everyone is about on equal footing.

What is most often taken for granted is the installation and it is why we talk so much about it.

If you don’t install a window properly, then there is no way it will work properly. In order to get the most out of your window, the installation must be done well and professionally. We make sure our installation personnel are well trained and experienced enough to handle any window installation in Anoka that we have. Read on to find out a bit more.

Isn’t “Rip and Stick” a professional Window Replacement method?

When speaking about outdoor home remodeling near Anoka, the word “professional” must be taken with a grain of salt. There’s stories of “professional” window installations where the family’s child rested her weight on the window and fell through.

When you choose to let a non-professional install your windows, you aren’t only throwing away the investment in a good window that you made, you’re also making sure you lose all the savings you would have gotten from the window’s energy efficiency.

Honestly, if you had to allow a non-professional to put your windows up, it would be better to simply keep the old windows you had installed in the first place.

Sometimes, the situation exists where a frame is in a decent enough state to simply install new windows on it. However, most professionals know that you cannot tell from a cursory glance if that is the case. In-depth examination of the frame will be needed to determine if the frame is good enough to support a new window. Non-professionals are masters at putting a “band-aid” on a problem, doing the old “rip-and-stick,” and charging you the price of a brand new window installation.

What Are The Typical Pricing Games Some Window Companies Play?

Some remodeling contractors near Anoka are desperate for your business, so they’re willing to lowball you a price just so that you’ll say “Yes, I want that.” They have the erroneous assumption that you can’t afford what you really want and in the end, palm off a product on you that isn’t what you want and is hardly what you need.

Value comes first on a home improvement choice, not just the lowest price that you can get.

The fact of the matter is that a “cheaper” window in Anoka just might wind up costing you a fortune over the years in lost energy savings.

Let us walk you through your options and show you how spending a little more now might save you hundreds if not thousands if the future.

What Is The Importance Of Insulation Around A Window?

You could have the number one window in the world, but if your insulation is terrible, then it doesn’t do much to help the window perform its job. Lots of people think that the important part of the installation is the window, but the insulation is just as, if not more important than the window itself. This is mainly why we’re not fans of the “rip-and-stick” type of installation.

Investing in a great window in Anoka, but having insulation and air-flow problems, means the window doesn’t get to do its job. The best way to ensure that you make the most out of your window purchase is to ensure that the insulation around it is sound.

Also, windows are not the only weak points in the efficiency of a house. Along with windows, entry doors should also be considered as a point of possible energy loss. Very often, as much energy or more is lost through poorly insulated entry doors as is lost to poorly insulated windows.

Questions? Need More Information?

The home improvement experts at Royale Crown Construction are ready to help you reduce energy costs and make your home more beautiful and comfortable. Contact us for a free estimate today by calling (763) 231-0455 or completing our on-line quote request form.