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Frequently Asked Questions
About Remodelers

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“Isn’t “Giving You What You Want” What All Remodelers Do?

Some remodeling contractors in Anoka will indeed give you what you want, but the bottom line is they WANT your business. Using your inexperience with the field, they take advantage of you by suggesting that you may not be able to afford what you want.

So, to make sure they don’t lose you through a large price tag, they cut corners in order to reduce the price they quote you to the lowest they can possibly go.

This boils down to the customer being misinformed about what they are getting or a customer giving up what they really want on the advice of their contractor, settling for something less expensive.

The end result in both cases is a customer that ends up with being very disappointed.

We are different in our approach: We have the utmost respect for you and believe that once you are aware of the options available you will make a decision to suit your own needs. We will work closely with you to determine what you need and will work diligently to fit that into your budget so you get what you want. We help customers determine what they’re getting from the beginning, so that there is no disappointment and no surprises at the end of the day.

What’s The Deal With Other Contractors’ Pricing Games?

They’re worried that you will not choose them to do your project, and that’s basically the entire argument. They think that you can’t afford the things you want and will ultimately settle for something at a lower price. You should choose a remodeling contractor near Anoka based on what is included, (the value), and not just the price of the project (the cost.)

So You Think You’re The Best Remodeler In Minnesota?

There’s no way to answer that question without sounding conceited. There are a lot of great remodelers out there. If, however, you manage to find one yourself with one of those many remodelers that aren’t among the good ones, you’re in for a long and arduous journey.

Using our “Contractor Standards Guide” will ensure that you have a pretty competent Anoka-area remodeling contractor in terms of workmanship, reputation, professionalism, and stability.

Regarding the situation about being the best contractor in Minnesota, our customers know more about it than we do, and we let them do the talking.

How Is Your “Design Consultation Session” Different From Other Remodelers?

Generally, contractors ask you questions based on your project and use that to determine the details of your project. Many contractors utilize this meeting to drive you down to a lower price. They use the flawed logic that quoting you a lower price will guarantee them the job.

Many contractors use this opportunity to create a ballpark figure of the cost then steer you down to a “more affordable” version of your remodeling dream. The worst-case scenario is where they decide to steer you to what they do best, whether or not it’s something you want.

We perform consultation with the idea that we want to know what you want. In about 90 minutes we’ll cover a wide range of questions that will help us build a detailed idea of what you want. When we’re done we can tell what you want, how you want it, and what you can afford.

The last bit is where we go the extra mile for you. Using a detailed feasibility report generated by master builders, architects and designers, we are able to determine what will work with your home and what can and cannot be done. At the end of this process, you will be aware of what you can do, and how long it will take you to get it done.

Don’t ever settle for a remodel that doesn’t match up to what you really want. If the home can structurally support the design changes, then you should get what you ask for.

“Design-Build” Or Just Plain Remodeling, Where’s The Difference?

Design-build utilizes a designer or an architect to come up with the final design of a remodel as opposed to the remodeler doing the design themselves. In general, you should be wary of remodeling contractors in Anoka that do not use a designer, mainly because, although the skill sets of a builder and a designer are relatively similar, they are not at all the same.

It will require a designer, structural engineer or an architect to rehash the details of your design to ensure it will work. Form and function are the designer’s forté whereas cost and feasibility are the builder’s. And engineers know the mathematical constraints of a building and how they functions physically.

You want to ensure that your building is designed by someone who has an eye for detail and an ability to spot the bigger picture, while at the same time making it a home remodel that is feasible.

What Do I Use The Contractor Standards Guide For?

It’s a run-down of things that you should make sure that your contractor conforms to, to ensure that the contractor is legitimate and trustworthy. Although there are some great remodeling contractors around Anoka, it only takes a single bad egg to ruin your remodel and make your life a misery. The more you know, the better able you are to avoid these guys.

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