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Frequently Asked Questions
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When You’re talking about “All Inclusive, No ‘Gotchas,’” What Do You Really Mean By That?

We’re just being honest, this is the pure, unadulterated truth. It deals with how our communication with you progresses before, during and after the job. It deals with our ability and the things our team brings to the table through our years of experience in the industry. It means that we will be there to complete your project, on time, and on budget and remove all the hassle that you would associate with home remodeling near Anoka and Minneapolis, MN. We think you deserve the highest quality job on the market with the least amount of fuss and worry on your part and that is what we intend to deliver.

Where Do Your Prices Fall On The Spectrum, High, Medium Or Low?

When it comes to home remodeling near Anoka, our prices lie at the higher end of the medium range in pricing. We don’t lie or make up spuriously low estimates for you. Our price is guaranteed and we give you value for the money you’re paying. You can probably find contractors who will quote you less money for the same job. We, however, take pride in our work and will not degrade our standards by willfully bidding against a ‘low-ball’ estimate. We are aware of these gimmicks other contractors employ to get clients to sign contracts. The money they save you at the estimate translates to a low quality, poorly constructed end-result.

Bottom line: We will offer a competitive price on a job that you want done in a style that you will love for years to come. Reliability, quality and beauty are what we’re aiming for. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for, and it’s worth it to pay a little extra to ensure that you get a great quality job done by professionals in a timely manner.

How Can I Tell If I Can Trust A Remodeler?

Many times, it’s pretty hard to determine. The obvious frauds are the easy part of spotting the crooked contractors. The much harder ones to spot are the otherwise good contractors who find themselves facing some sort of financial trouble or having far too many projects on their plate and no time to dedicate to yours.

The “Contractors Standards Guide” that we’ve published, is your key to determining the good Aoka-area remodeling contractors from the bad. This guide uses industry benchmarks like professionalism, workmanship and financial stability to rate contractors. You can use this guide to match contractors against what you expect they should be, and you can apply it to any contractor…EVEN US.

Simply put, if the remodeling contractor near Anoka doesn’t match up to these requirements, you’re better off not using them.

I Have Heard Of Budget Overruns In Contracting Before, How Do You Keep Your Clients From Facing These?

The most important part is bidding thoroughly at the start. That’s the reason our team goes through the project and why we have a four step process. It contributes to the fact that we never low-ball you on estimates and our prices are well thought out and can be backed up with facts and figures and is not just some arbitrary number we came up with.

With over three decades in the industry, our ability to avoid budget overruns is just a byproduct of our years of experience as an Anoka remodeling contractor. We’re very knowledgeable about projects, and the sheer amount of them we have done in the last 35+ years makes it easy for us to determine what we need to do, where we can get the materials needed and most importantly, how much it will cost the client.

We will break down our estimate into a neatly itemized list so you can go through it. The only way the prices are subject to change is if you change your mind in the middle of our project.

We’ve been doing this long enough so that we can determine those issues, well ahead of time, that would affect the project and your cost. Taking the time to go through our proprietary four-step design processes is what gets us to the final design you had in mind and saves hassles and cost overruns later down the road.

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