How Roofing Can Weather the Storm

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How Roofing Can Weather the Storm

Posted on July 15, 2016.

Roofing contractor Minneapolis

Weather extremes create extra wear and tear on roofing in the Upper Midwest. When considering roof replacement, make sure that your roofing contractor in Minneapolis takes extra care to help you prevent these common roofing problems.

Ice Damage

Ice dams are caused by warm air from the attic warming the underside of a snow-covered roof in freezing weather. The melted snow runs down to the comparatively colder eaves of the house. When this water freezes, then builds up with more water and freezes again, an ice dam is formed. The running water that is halted by the ice dam finds some other way to move, and that is under your shingles and eventually into your home. While there are ways to mitigate ice dams on roofs, your roof must be prepared for this eventuality. A roof membrane under your shingles can help prevent leaks in the high stress eave area.


Water in the form of rain, hail, and snow pound on roofs year round. Your roofing contractor in Minneapolis should take extra care around the areas that need flashing. Flashing is the thin protective metal shield commonly seen around chimneys and roof vents. It is installed under shingles to create a waterproof barrier. Properly installed flashing with a weather resistant coating is crucial to avoiding leaks around chimneys and other vents.

Wind Damage

Look up at your roof, do you see a bald patch where shingles should be? That bald patch is a sign of wind damage. Tornadoes and straight line winds can wreak havoc on your roof, but what can be done? When you re-roof, choose a wind resistant roofing product. Modern high wind resistant shingles can withstand gusts from 90 to 150 miles per hour.

To make your roof as storm resistant as possible, you will want to work with a roofing contractor in Minneapolis that has a reputation for quality. By taking care that your roof resists storms, you will be protecting your whole home.

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