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Our Company’s Three Pillars


Combinations of materials and labor must be marshaled in a timely and organized fashion to complete the complex process that constitutes building. We break this down for our clients, taking the complex and simplifying it so that anyone can understand what we do and why we’re doing it. This process, which we have streamlined over the 35 Plus years we have been in business is what allows us to give you the absolute best value for your money.


For home remodeling near Anoka, we make our bids easy to review and understand with no hidden fees and no “Gotchas” later on because our bids are all inclusive. “Trust and Verify” are the watchwords of our company. You will be aware of what your money Is being used to buy and won’t be surprised by any “hidden” charges.


The best way to appreciate something is to think of it as your own, and in the case of each project, we try to do so. Each member of our team adheres to the strict standards that we uphold in the realms of craftsmanship, ethics and conduct.

Our Design Process

Step 1

We will have an initial consultation, during this time your ideas will be discussed, what do you want out of the project; functionality, lifestyle, special needs and a budget. We will make suggestions to you, the client, to help expand on the design for value engineering and maximizing your investment.

Step 2

For home remodeling near Anoka, we will present to you a budget for the specific project and at this time we will do a Design agreement of project. If you choose to do so, this is a conceptual set of blueprints drawn by our In-House Design team, reviewed with you the client to finalize your needs, lifestyle and budget.

Step 3

Finalization of the drawings. During the final 2 meetings you will start making selections on the finished products to be used in the construction process such as: cabinets, flooring, fixtures, etc. Royale will re-evaluate the price of the finalized 3-D renderings upon the final selections of finished products that you have chosen.

Step 4

At this meeting we will go over the final contract price, review the cost of the project, any concerns you the homeowner may have and changes that you may want to make to your home remodel near Anoka. Royale will price the project according to the selected products that had been chosen. If you decide to build with Royale the signing of contracts will be required, and the process of construction will begin.

As you go through the 4 step process, be sure that you are communicating your ideas and that the builder fully understands what you want. Remember to take notes during any meetings you have with the contractor. Discuss with your builder any issues you may have with time constraints, quality of work, problems and contract price.