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Royale Crown Construction

Those Are The Same Exacting Standards I Still Demand
On All Projects For All My Customers Today.

Done Right Isn’t Good Enough.
Done Exactly Right Is My Minimum Standard.

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You Can Expect To Get Exactly What You Want—No Settling.

You Can Expect To Pay Exactly What You Were Quoted—No Surprises.

You Can Expect A Real Warranty That Is Really Honored—No Let Down.

You Can Expect Precision Craftsmanship, Down To The Detail—No Shortcuts.

You Can Expect A Fair Price For Top-Of-The-Line Workmanship—
No Compromises.

Precision Workmanship.

Precision Care.

Absolutely No Sales Pressure.
Absolutely No Nickel & Diming.

Get Ready For A Genuinely Delightful
Remodeling In Anoka.

Let’s face it—there are plenty of remodeling contractors near Anoka who just want to get in and out of your house as quickly as possible, so they can get on to the next job and the next paycheck.

Then there are remodelers—like me—who treat every job like a work of art. They are consumed with getting all the details exactly right. No detail is too small to go unchecked.

When I started in this industry as a cabinet maker over 30 years ago, I quickly became known as “The Perfectionist.” That’s because in my opinion, when it comes to cabinets, you can never be too precise. Gaps are unacceptable. Loose tolerances look terrible. On more than one occasion I ripped the cabinets out and started again from scratch. That’s the curse of the perfectionist.

Funny thing: My customers love it!

Now, all these years later, we are a full-line remodeling contractor in Anoka. But the insistence on perfection has remained. Your roof will be installed exactly right. Siding, gutters, and decks are all installed with zero tolerance for misalignment. Colors are matched perfectly and trim is meticulously measured and cut. Like always, no detail is too small.

It’s true we’re not the rock-bottom cheapest remodeling contractor in Anoka. I’m sure you’ll find a better price if you get enough quotes. And we’re not always the fastest—do you really want the fastest? But I can absolutely guarantee you one thing: nobody—and I mean NOBODY—is going to pour their heart and soul into creating a masterpiece in or on your house like we will. Because precision and passion are in our DNA.

We’d be honored to have the opportunity to discuss your project with you. Give us a call to get started, or browse through our website to get a better feel for who we are and how we operate.